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Products / Pricing

Landing Nets

Each net comes complete with a clear rubber basket.  The depth measurements given below are with an empty basket.  The weight of a fish will stretch it out a bit more.  Free options for all custom nets include your choice of handle and hoop design, choice of base woods (walnut, ash, hickory, maple, and mahogany), and basket attached via rubber gaskets or directly sewn.    


XL net for walk and wade fishing - Hoop measures 19" x 23", overall length ~52", basket depth 15"

Base price - $275


 - Inlay, hero marks, exotic woods, different handle size (boat length).  Cost depends on options, contact​ for a quote.


Large net for walk and wade fishing - Hoop measures 15.5" x 19.5", overall length ~42", basket depth 12"

Base price - $225


 - Inlay, hero marks, exotic woods, different handle size (boat length or vest length).  Cost depends on chosen options, contact for a quote. 

XXL Steelhead Net  - Hoop measures 23.5" x 30.5", overall length ~72", basket depth 18"

*By commission only, contact for a quote*

Clearwater Steelhead over ash and walnut
Reconditioning / Basket Replacement

If you have a wooden net in need of a little TLC, I'm happy to recondition it (even if I didn't build it).  Send me a message with photos and I'll get back to you with a quote.  

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