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About the Shop

Long Draw
Russ Winger, craftsman

My passion for the outdoors started early on and was heavily influenced by my exposure to wildlife, mountains, and water.  In my 30 plus years of wanderings, that passion has grown to an obsession.  Nearly all of my free time is spent venturing into the wilds to hunt, fish, hike, and photograph.  In woodworking, I have found a path to artistic expression while still creating products that are functional, unique, and attractive.     

Materials, Tools, and Techniques

I work with most domestic species of hardwoods such as walnut, maple, ash, hickory, and cherry.  I also work with certain exotics such as padauk and mahogany (many species).  I hand select all of my lumber and sort according to grain direction and pattern to give the strongest and best looking finished product.  I utilize both hand tools and power tools in my shop.  My nets are formed using a technique called bent lamination.  I favor this technique to control for moisture content and springback (common issues for steam bent laminations) as well as the ability to utilize kiln dried lumber (more resistant to changes in humidity and temperature than air dried lumber).

Brass Inlay
Finishes and Guarantee

Each project may require different finishes based on the final application.  For any product that will be used in a kitchen or food application, I will use only food-safe finishes such as mineral oil and approved waxes.  For products that will be used outdoors, I apply water sealers and several coats of UV resistant finishes.  The nets are top coated with a high quality marine-grade spar varnish.  I guarantee that my products will meet or exceed your expectations.  If any of my products fail that criteria, I will remedy the situation.  I also stand by my products in the event of accidental breakage or damage due to normal wear and tear.

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